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Valve Gear The mechanism that controls the movement of the steam distribution valve of a steam locomotive. Stephenson Valve Gear (link motion) is a valve gear in which the steam lead is greatest at mid-gear and greatest at full forward. Walschaert Valve Gear is a valve gear in which the lead is constant at any position of the reversing gear.
Van 1) Covered vehicle for conveyance of luggage or goods. 2) A caboose.
Vanderbilt Tender A distinctive tender with a cylindrical water tank. The rectangular oil or coal bunker is perched at the forward end.
Variable Reluctance A type of railcar wheel detector containing a coil or wire and permanent magnet which generates an electrical pulse if a train wheel approaches rapidly. This type of sensor cannot detect a wheel which is stopped over the sensor. A voltage is induced in the coil as ferrous metal approaches or recedes. The signal takes on a sine wave shape, and characteristics are dependent upon approach speed.
Variable Switch A switch, designated by letter "V" or a yellow bowl, when trailed through the switch points remain lined in the position to which forced.
Varnish A passenger train, so called because wooden passenger cars used to have many coats of varnish.
Vaseline Oil.
Vestibule 1) Closed cab on steam locomotives to protect the engineer and fireman from inclement weather. It includes doors and diaphragm connection to tender. 2) Vestibule Cab: The enclosed area at the end of a passenger car where the side doors are located.
VIA Rail Canada's national passenger rail service, based on the Amtrak idea in 1976. A government corporation, VIA Rail owns some terminal trackage and depots; operations are conducted over the rails of CN and CP.
Volt A unit of electrical pressure. Commonly, 0-9 volts of D.C. is used for "Z" scale model railroading, 0-14 volts D.C. is used for "HO" gauge, and 0-20 volts D.C. is used for large scale model railroading.
Voltage Electromotive force (analogous to a pressure) measured in volts.
Voodoo Barge Updated heavy, slow freight.