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Narrow Gauge Track with a gauge less than 4 feet 8 1/2 inches.
Navvy RR construction workers who "navigated" (roamed) from job to job. (plural is navvies).
NEC North-East Corridor. The Amtrak route with intensive passenger traffic that connects Washington, DC, Philadelphia, New York City, and Boston.
News Butcher Peddler who sells magazines, candy, fruit, 'etc., in trains. Usually employed nowadays by Union News Co.
Nickel Grabber Streetcar conductor.
Nipping Supporting the tie while another track worker drives spikes.
NMRA National Model Railroad Association. The NMRA helps to promote the hobby, establish standards, reward modelers for their talents as Master Model Railroaders, and much more.
No Bill Nonunion or nonbrotherhood railroad worker. Also called nonair.
Normal Usual position of points or signals before action initiated by signalman to allow a train movement.
Normal Gradient The condition that exists when the air brake system is fully charged and there is no difference in air pressure between the front and back ends the train.
Nose Front end of locomotive.
Nose On Couple on with head end of engine.
Nose Suspended Motor A traction motor mounted on bearings on an axle that is driven via a flexible connection attached to a cross member on the truck. The gear on the axle is in constant mesh with the pinion on the armature shaft.
Nosebag Lunch carried to work. Put on the nosebag means to eat a meal.
Number Dummy Yard clerk or car clerk. Also called number grabber.
Nut Splitter or Nut Buster Machinist.