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Kadee Brand name for precision couplers which are designed for model railroading.
Kangaroo Court An official hearing or investigation, so named because it may be held wherever most convenient, anywhere along the road, jumping around like a kangaroo, to act on main-line mix-ups or other urgent problems.
Kar Trak A modern computerized system used to keep track of all railroad equipment.
Keeley Water can for hot journals or bearings. Nickname derived from "Keeley cure" for liquor habit.
Kennedy [SL] Class 661-1 GM G16 C-C diesels. So called because Kennedy was the President of the USA at the time when they arrived.
Kettle Any small locomotive, especially an old, leaky one. Also called teakettle and coffeepot.
Key 1) A telegraph instrument. 2) Wedge of hard wood or spring steel inserted between rail and chair to hold rail firmly in position at correct gauge.
Key-By The act of lowering an automatic stop arm in order to pass a red signal.
Kick See drop.
Kicker A common expression for a triple valve in defective order which throws air brakes into emergency when only a service application is intended.
King Snipe Track or section foreman.
Kingpin 1) A conductor. 2) The pivot on which a truck swivels. Also called a center pin. On a prototype railroad car, the steel pin that connects the wheel set or bogie to the bolster at the pivot point. 3) [MR] Usually a plastic pin or screw that attaches the truck of a model railroad car to the bolster on that car.
Kitbash A model railroading term meaning to combine parts from kits to produce a unique model.
Kitchen 1) Caboose. 2) Engine cab. Firebox is kitchen stove.
Knock Her In The Head Slow down.
Knockout Same as bump.
Knowledge Box 1) Yardmaster's office. 2) The president of the road.
Knuckle The movable portion of the drawbar coupler.