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Jack Locomotive. (A term often confused with the lifting device, hence seldom used). Most commonly, a "Juice Jack": electric locomotive.
Jacket American term for outer covering of thin sheet steel over the lagging material of a locomotive boiler, cylinder or other insulated heat radiating surface.
Jackpot Miscellaneous assortment of mail and parcels piled in the aisle of a postal car and requiring removal before the mail in the stalls can be "worked".
Jailhouse Spuds Waffled potatoes.
Jam Buster Assistant yardmaster.
Jam Nuts Doughnuts.
Janney To couple; derived from the Janney automatic coupler.
Jawbone Shack Switch shanty.
Jay Rod Clinker hook.
Jerk A Drink Take water from track pan without stopping train. From this came the word jerkwater, which usually means a locality serving only to supply water to the engines of passing trains; a Place other than a regular stop, hence of minor importance as jerkwater town, jerkwater college, etc.
Jerk Soup Same as jerk a drink.
Jerk-By See flying switch.
Jerry Section worker; sometimes applied to other laborers.
Jew Bar Slang term for a device that holds a track in gauge. Used on sidings or industrial track.
Jewel Journal brass.
Jigger Full tonnage of "dead" freight.
Jimmies Four-wheel coal or ore cars. Also known as "Jennies".
Jitney 1) Four-wheel electric truck that carries baggage around inside a terminal. 2) An unregulated private automobile that carried passengers on public highways for 5-cent fare in direct competition with trolley cars.
Johnson Bar The reversing lever of a steam locomotive.
Join The Birds Jump from moving engine or car, usually when a wreck is imminent.
Joint 1) A length of rail, generally 33 or 39 feet. 2) Making a joint: coupling cars. 3) Riding to a joint is bringing cars together so that they couple.
Joint Facilities Any facilities owned by two or more railroads.
Joker Independent or locomotive brake, part of E-T (engine-train) equipment.
Journal The load-bearing part of a shaft or axle support by a bearing.
Journal Box Metal box around axle bearing for holding a lubricant saturated pad next to the wheel bearing.
Journal Log Compiled by the conductor, a list of the make-up and events of train movement.
Juggler Member of way-freight crew who loads and unloads freight at station stops.
Juggling The Circle Missing a train-order hoop.
Juice Electrical power. A juice fan is one who makes a hobby out of electric railways.
Juice Jack Straight-electric locomotive.
Junction A location designated by the Timetable where two or more railroad lines converge.
Junk Pile Old worn-out locomotive that is still in service.